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Try it for free

Give our SubSkills Online Training Course to 5 people in
your district—FREE of charge.

We want to give our SubSkills course ($39.95 value) to five (5) substitutes from your district…at no cost.

Why are we giving away 5 for free?

We want to show you the value of the course. It will be easier to see the value if you or a substitute does the course.

We can, of course, give you testimonials about STEDI training from real users in other districts.

But wouldn’t it be best if the testimonials came from real users in YOUR district?

That way you can “try before you buy” to see the power of this course.

Who should you choose?

Choose five of your best substitute teachers. Or choose five of your worst. It does not matter to us. Just choose five substitutes from your district who value training, those who want to excel, those who want to improve their teaching skills.

They can be new substitutes, or they can be seasoned, experienced substitutes. They can even have their teaching degree. We just want five willing participants.

We want to show you that EVERY substitute in your district—no matter the training—will benefit from the STEDI SubSkills Online Training Course.

What is the catch?

Free means free. We will give five people from your district our SubSkills Online Training Course FREE of charge. This is a $39.95 value. You simply choose these people.

All we ask is they…

• Finish the SubSkills online course within 30 days.
• Pass the course with an 85% or better.
• Give us a testimonial to use on our web.

That is it. There are no other requirements.

Free to you, too.

One more thing: we want to give YOU – the person in charge of substitutes – one copy of our SubSkills Online Training Course.

Or, you may choose another administrator from your district to receive SubSkills FREE OF CHARGE.

If you are unable to do the course, consider letting one of these people do the course for free:

HR Director
Assistant Superintendent over HR
Manager of the Substitute Office
Trainer of Substitute Teachers
Staff Development
School Personnel

Give the training voucher to 5 substitutes in your district

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