Three Ways to Increase Your Recruiting


As a new school year is here, likely you’re looking for additional substitute teachers.

Here are three quick tips to increase your number of applications:


Send home a note in the district newsletter to parents encouraging them to become a substitute teacher.

Dear Parent,

We love seeing you at our school and would wonder if you’d like to be paid to be here? Apply to be a substitute teacher and work only on days you want to! Flexibility is a huge perk of the job. We’re having a Substitute Teacher Open House on Thursday, September 21 from 6-8 to help orient those interested in joining our ranks.


Ask permanent teachers to refer a friend.

Dear Teacher,

We want to clone you! Do you have a friend you think would make a great substitute teacher? Send them the link to apply:

If you’d like, maybe encourage them to observe in your classroom for an hour to help them feel more comfortable in the classroom.


Coordinate with your local job placement agency.

Bonus Tip:

Be open to your current pool on what your fill rate is. Let them know what your goal fill-rate is and ask them to help you achieve it. National surveys indicate that just over 48% of substitute teachers would like to work more than they do.

For additional strategies on recruiting high quality substitute teachers, register for the Fill-Rate Academy. The academy is essential for anyone looking to improve the quality of their substitute teachers and in turn increase their fill-rate on a regular basis.