SubSolutions Conference – ONLINE

July 6-10, 2020

1PM – 3PM EDT each day

$345 – Active listening mode (with video/audio on)

$395 – Listen-only mode (we want you to participate, but we understand sometimes you want to be invisible)

$295 – Presenter

$50 – Each Additional District Team Member

$485 – Non-district registration

Deadline for Presenters:
April 30, 2020

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Learn how to manage your substitute teacher program successfully and enjoy the comforts of your own home!

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  • A project will be provided, but please list any additional equipment needed.

Do you have a SubSolution?

The Substitute Teaching Division of STEDI.org invites you to submit a solution for presentation at a SubSolutions Workshop. Share your “best practices” with those who need it. Presenting your solutions at the workshop or participating on a panel provides an excellent opportunity to assist individuals directly involved with managing substitute teaching, and to learn from the experiences of other participants. Also please submit to be a part of the panel discussion on unemployment of substitute teachers. Presenters receive $50 off the registration fee.


Each presenter/co-presenter must submit a completed conference registration form. All proposals of presentations must contain content appropriate for the audience of the conference.


Session presentations should be in a format that best covers the material presented and fits the presenters’ individual style. Sessions are 50 minutes in length and the number of attendees varies at each session.

About SubSolutions

Since 1995, the annual SubSolutions conferences have been valuable for hundreds of administrators and managers to learn how to handle the difficult challenges schools and staffing agencies face in managing substitute teaching.

It’s just not the individual substitute teachers, it’s teacher absenteeism, the automated phone systems, the Affordable Care Act, the practices, policies and procedures of the school district, it’s the economy – well, you get the picture.

The session presentations come from school districts and organizations who are working with these challenges each and every day as well as the latest research conducted by STEDI.org.


  • Best practices in the management of substitute teaching
  • How other districts handle the same issues you are facing
  • How to do more with fewer people
  • Reduce complaints and increase effectiveness of subs
  • Increase fill rates even on the worst days
  • Automate the hiring process for substitute teachers
  • Find, recruit, and encourage the best to become subs


  • Substitute Teacher Shortage
  • How districts are recruiting
  • How to increase fill rates
  • District policies that encourage teacher attendance
  • Growing our own: from aids to alternative certification
  • Where does substitute teaching fit in the HR?
  • Affordable Care Act – Are fewer hours the answer?
  • Certified, bachelor, 60-hour, high school – What should the qualifications of substitute teachers be?
  • Managing the sub office like a temporary staffing agency. What we can learn from insourcing.
  • Are permanent subs gone with ACA?