SubEssentials™ Introductory Course is
designed to . . .

  • encourage,teaching_pow
  • motivate,
  • and introduce you

. . . to the great world of substitute teaching with the general expectations, useful strategies in the classroom, and the rewards for becoming a substitute teacher. The registration fee is waved making it free for any current or potential substitute teacher.

Registration will give you access to a 24-minute video and the SubEssentials eBook. No assessment is given for this course but add SubEssentials Introductory Course to your resumĂ© and make sure to let your district know that you have taken this and any other course from – the national leader in substitute teacher training.

Begin immediately by completing our registration form. Additional information will be sent to you via email.

Make sure you select your school district or organization where you want to substitute teach. Thanks for substitute teaching and good luck to you!



To receive a SubDiploma, register and complete the SubSkills Online Training Course and the SubAssessment (Click here.)

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