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Substitute Teacher
Management Challenges

  • Fill Rates

  • Training

  • Management

  • Decreased Budgets

  • Accountability

  • Best Practices

  • Recruiting

  • Classroom Management

Benefits of Requiring Non-certified Individuals to Complete the SubSkills Training Course

Your Substitute Teachers will Receive:

Eight-hour SubSkills Online Training Course for only $39.95 (online)

Or, six hours On-site, district-led SubSkills Training

Two-hour Classroom Management Audio Download as a FREE* bonus!

SubSuggestions Newsletter for the entire year – FREE

Invitation to join the exclusive SubSkills Alumni group to share ideas with other graduates–FREE

Your School District will receive:

Substitute Teacher Survey – to benchmark and measure improvement over time

Principal Survey – to measure improvement over time.

50% Discount to the next Fill-Rate Academy for the entire SubTaskForce – they’ll learn the best practices in recruiting, training and retaining effective substitute teacher

FREE* Classroom Management Audio Download

*Bonus: Substitute teachers who are required by the district/organization to complete the SubSkills Training will receive the Classroom Management Two-hour Audio FREE with their SubSkills Training course.

Sign up your district and provide your Substitutes with a free Classroom Management Audio Download.

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Website Wording & Logo Use

We require individuals not holding a teaching license to take the SubSkills course and pass with an 85% composite score.

Don’t worry – you can do this! The course was written specifically for those not holding a teaching license and who desire to influence the lives of students.

You will learn to:

  • Manage a classroom and avoid common errors most substitute teachers make
  • Teach with power, even if you don’t have a teaching degree and don’t know the material
  • Foster respect from students
  • Learn strategies to work with students with special needs
  • Implement activities when students finish early or when there are still five minutes left in the period

SubSkills contains engaging videos, downloads, examples, and teaching strategies for you to study and learn. The course can be accessed at any time and you can log out and return later to exactly where you left off in a lesson.

We look forward to having you in our classrooms.

Register for the SubSkills Online Training course at: STEDI.org


Steps to Be Considered for Substitute Employment:

To ensure that your application is given careful and timely consideration, you will need to follow the instructions below. Your application will not be considered for employment until you have completed the following steps:

Online Substitute Training Course:

This course is only required if you DO NOT have a teaching certificate. If you do have a valid teaching certificate, you are NOT required to take this STEDI course.

Click the logo for more information regarding the online training course.

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3 Easy Steps to Require Substitute Training
in Your School District


Become a STEDI-District


Send Webmaster Logo
and Required Wording



Place STEDI Logo & Wording
on District Website

Send STEDI a Verification Email
Confirming Both Logo and
Wording are on Your Website
to info@stedi.org

Just give it a three-month trial and see what you think.

“Money-back guarantee: If a Substitute completes our SubSkills course (either online or in print) and they earn their STEDI SubDiploma, and meet your district’s hiring requirements—and are still not offered a job—we will refund 100% of their tuition.”                         – Geoffrey G. Smith

It’s as easy as that no commitment, no policy changes, no coercion.