Retaining Substitute Teachers Best Practices

This webinar focuses on understanding who is in the SubPool, ways to encourage them to take more assignments, and how to retain them. We’ll also discuss ways to increase fill rates.



The webinar and discussion will be lead by
Geoffrey Smith
Founding and former director of the Substitute Teaching Institute at Utah State University,
Current director of



Retaining Substitute Teachers Survey (Draft) – Please note that the blank pages contained answers that were open-ended and were too numerous to add to the document. If you would like to conduct this survey in your organization/district, please contact me for the link.

Click here for the Webinar Notes

Remember the action items from this webinar:

  • District “Sub”Committee
  • Conduct a STEDI survey for your district – email:
  • Post SubEssentials on your Website –
  • Raise pay when tied to training
  • SubReady –
  • SubRecognition –
  • Attend SubSolutions –

To learn additional strategies for retaining substitute teachers, register for the Fill-Rate Academy.