Answer three questions

1. Who needs training—new or returning subs?

For new substitutes, we offer online and printed courses. For returning subs, we offer advanced courses. To learn about all of our courses, go to

2. Do you prefer online or printed training?

handbookOur online course is called “SubSkills” and takes about eight hours to complete. On our website, this is Basic Option A. 

Our printed course is our “Substitute Teacher Handbook” 9th edition. On our website, this is Basic Option B.

Some subs prefer both the online and printed versions. On our website, this is our Premium package.

Some people prefer everything. This is the Ultimate package.

All options will train your subs. All courses include our online assessment and SubDiploma for those who pass.

3. Who should pay for the training—the sub or the district?

Some districts make the subs pay for their own training. Other districts pay for the sub training. If your district pays, we offer bulk discounts. To talk about the pros and cons of both options, and to learn about our bulk discounts, e-mail or call 435-755-7800, ext. 5103.

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Choose five people to get SubSkills for free

We will give our SubSkills online course to 5 people in your district—FREE of charge. This is the best way of introducing you to our substitute training.

Q: Why are we giving away five courses for free?

A: It will be easier for you to see the value if you or a substitute does the course from start to end. Now you can “try before you buy” to see the power of our SubSkills Online Training Course.

Q: Who should you choose?

A: Choose five of your best substitute teachers. Or choose five of your worst. Or choose five administrators to do the course. It does not matter to us. Just make sure the five people from your district value training and want to improve their teaching skills.

Q: What is the catch? 

A: There is no fine print. Free means free. We ask the five people finish the SubSkills online course within 30 days and give us feedback. That’s it. There is no catch.

Q: How do you give us those five names? 

A: Simply E-mail the five names to or fax them to 435-755-8080. Kelley will then tell you what will happen next.


If you have questions about this five-for-free offer, please e-mail or call 435-755-7800, ext. 5103.


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How to “educate” your boss about substitute training

1. Send an email to your boss

Or send them all. Your goal is to meet your boss face to face to explain the benefits of substitute training.
Feel free to edit any of these e-mails: 


2. Make your presentation

We will help you make your presentation using one or all of these tools:

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