Encourage Others to Substitute Teach

There are many individuals who have thought about getting into substitute teaching, but are a little apprehensive. We need your help. Please share with us in a video selfie a little about why you enjoy substitute teaching and how training has helped you be successful in the classroom.

Here’s all you need to do.
With your smart phone, find some place that is quiet but has a great backdrop, maybe in front of the school you teach at most, or in front of a nice looking building, or flowers, or ???.

Just fill in the following:

  • Hi, My name is: (first name only)

  • I like to work in: (name your district or organization)

  • I enjoy substitute teaching because: (list why you enjoy it)

  • I’m good at it because: (list why teachers call you back)

  • If you’ve had some training, please identify the benefits of the training:

Then just email it to: info@STEDI.org

That’s all you need to do and we’ll make sure others who need to see it will view what you’ve done.

If you’d rather leave a voice message, you can do that by calling: 435-213-1006
Thank you!