Training for your district staff to manage substitute teaching

    • Save thousands of dollars by training all of your staff at their desks, on their own time

    • Increase fill rates in the most difficult schools

    • Discover how to find the best applicants

    • Identify how to keep the best substitute teachers

    • Reduce complaints registered against substitute teachers

Yes, you really can accomplish all that and more!

In fact, you can even…

Improve the quality of substitute teachers and, most of all, increase student learning when the permanent teacher is out of the classroom.

Many Superintendents have stated that increasing their fill-rate is one of the top three hardest challenges they face on a daily basis!

There is a simple solution.

Just select which course best fits your particular needs and we take care of the rest!

Are you ready to watch your fill rate problems resolve themselves into a thing of the past?

Here Are Your Courses To Choose From:

1. The Fill-Rate Course

Starts anytime

This on-demand course is delivered online by video, text, and worksheets. It can be completed at your convenience. At your own computer.

With This Course, You Will:

  • Discover strategies SubManagers use to dramatically increase your fill rates.
  • Implement systems that help reduce the complaints registered against your substitute teachers.
  • Substantially increase the quality and retention of sub-pool personal.
  • Actually increase the learning when the permanent teacher is out of the classroom.

Who This Course Is Designed For

  • A new SubManager who is still learning the ropes
  • An experienced SubManager who want to increase their effectiveness

It’s a useful solution for the busy SubManager or school administrators.

This course is on-demand and a step by step guide that you can start now at your earliest convenience.

Additionally, you have access for up to three people in your district!

2. The Fill-Rate Academy

Next cohort session starts
September 11, 2019

This Fill-Rate Academy combines the power of the online course AND networking with school district administrators across the country. You will learn how to create a district SubTaskForce and then have the tools to assist the task force in gathering vital information from teachers, administrators, substitute teachers, and permanent teachers.

With this data, participants learn what practices, policies, and procedures will best support the district’s efforts in substitute teaching and increasing fill rates and reducing complaints.

This Course Includes:

  • One 45-minute interactive webinar per month
  • The Entire On Demand Fill Rate Course as listed above
  • Mentoring on the conducting of critical information surveys and the results analysis
  • Help in creating the SubTaskForce
  • Detailed surveys to help you gain a 360 degree view of your district

Each Monthly Webinar Includes:

  • A 45-minute, interactive online meeting that will address needed topics to help you understand and implement your strategic plan to increase your fill rate
  • A live with group discussions and presentations
  • A recording so that both yourself and your staff may review it whenever needed

The Fill-Rate Academy is the online equivalent of the SubSolutions National Conference. And provides the same learning experience as the national conference, but from the convenience of your own computer.


3. Fill-Rate Academy Mentoring

Start anytime!

Includes 1 and 2 and More:

This Fill-Rate Academy Mentoring is created for individuals on the SubTaskForce and will assist the task force in gathering vital information from teachers, administrators, substitute teachers, and permanent teachers to understand what practices, policies and procedures support your efforts in improving your school district’s fill rate.

We will work with your Human Resources Office to ensure they are well trained in recruiting, training, and retaining substitute teachers. You’ll have all the expertise you need!

Mentoring Includes:

  • 12, 45-minute interactive meetings scheduled at your convenience.
  • The Fill-Rate Academy AND Fill-Rate Course for all Human Resources staff members you would like to be trained.
  • Complete mentoring and monitoring while conducting your surveys
  • Deep analysis of survey results
  • Step by step help in creating the SubTaskForce
  • The knowledge you need to engage your substitute teachers. Saving you thousands of dollars.

Remember: can help train your staff to recruit, train, and retain quality individuals to substitute teach.



Who is STEDI

For over 20 years, has hosted national and regional conferences for Sub-Managers and administrators from districts and organizations from around the country to share best practices in managing substitute teaching.

STEDI is a nationally recognized authority in substitute teaching.

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You Won’t Have To Go It Alone,
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Fill-Rate Course

*The Basic 4-hour Course

*Five Lessons

*Task Force Creation Help

*It’s On Demand

*Help Increase Fill Rates

Just $299

Regularly $499

Fill-Rate Academy

*A 45-minute Webinar Each Month

*The Entire Fill-Rate Course

*Mentoring of Survey Results & Analysis

*Task Force Creation Assistance

Just $1,299

Regularly $1499

Fill-Rate One-on-one Mentoring And Monitoring

*12 45-minute interactive meetings

*The Entire Fill-Rate Course For SubManagers And Staff

*Complete Survey And Analysis Mentoring And Monitoring

*Hands On Help In Task Force Creation, Mentoring And Monitoring

* We Help Train Your Staff To Recruit, Train, And Retain Quality Substitutes

*Dramatically Help Increase Fill Rates

Just $4,995

Regularly $6499

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