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Introducing the 8th Edition of the Substitute Teacher Handbook - the most comprehensive, research-based handbook available for those who step into the classroom on a temporary basis. This handbook has more effective classroom and behavior management skills, more teaching strategies to use in all situations, better ways of being prepared and professional, and best of all, twice (2x) the number of activities to use with students who finish early, whole class activities when the lesson plans aren't left by the permament teacher, and activities to use for those five minutes before the bell rings.

The 8th Edition also takes advantage of delivering many of the activities via download making duplicating these activities for classroom use much easier and more convenient.

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Each Handbook is accompanied by a Self-Study Guide, which is available in a downloadable .pdf format 

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"This book has valuable information that has made me a successful substitute teacher. I would say that this book is an excellent tool for the classroom teacher as well." - Lucia, Arizona

"I love my Substitute Teacher Handbook - it is my SURVIVAL GUIDE!" - Laura, Massachusetts

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